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August New Moon Circle

Date: August 4th 2024
Time: 3pm- 5pm ish
Location: 222 McKee St Suite 2A, Manchester, CT

We meet at New Moon time, to listen in to our inner guidance, to find our most authentic selves.

To Witness and be Witnessed

These circles are not tied to any single path or religion. Instead, they embrace inclusivity, bringing together women from diverse spiritual and cultural backgrounds. Our gatherings are centered around core values: Sisterhood (supporting and empowering each other), reverence for the Earth (embracing its wildness and learning from nature), and co-creation (acknowledging our role in shaping both our circle experiences and life on Earth). We are also known for our heartfelt connections, where laughter and tears flow freely.

Join us for an afternoon of meditation journaling sharing and self-reflection and food!

Each Circle has a theme to support us through our process the theme to carry us through this Cycle is

”Through the Eyes of the Wild Woman”

Bring a cushion, your journal, any other creature comforts, and a food offering for after-circle

This is a brave space for all those who identify as Woman

This is a Wild Woman Project-affiliated Circle, part of an International network of Circles

August New Moon Circle: Birth Classes

New Moon Circle Dates

September 6th 2024 6pm
October 2nd 2024 6pm
November 3rd 3pm
December 1st 2024 3pm
December 30th 2024 6pm

August New Moon Circle: Text
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