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Massage Therapy: Service



222 McKee St

Manchester, CT 06040
Please enter the building at the time of your appointment.
Have a seat in the waiting room upstairs and I will meet you there.

Home Visits


Reserved for Pregnant until 9 months postpartum people

In-home massage therapy support for prenatal and postpartum massage.

Home Visit fee applies (varies based on home location)

Please Contact Directly to book

Massage Therapy: Services

Therapeutic Massage

Honing in on the body's innate strive to be in balance

Kaitlin uses a variety of ways to help support the mind-body connection and ease day-to-day aches and pains. Regarding each body as a whole, rather than just the area of presenting discomfort while nurturing and working with the body with a firm nurturing touch.

Prenatal Massage

A glorious session to help ease the body through the changes of pregnancy. There is typically no need to wait until after your first trimester! Massage early on is both safe and incredibly beneficial for the birthing person and baby.

At any point during your pregnancy, we focus on stress reduction, balancing the pelvis, and addressing the physical changes that occur. 

Featuring The BodyCushion pregnancy pillow system to be used during your prenatal and postpartum massage.

The BodyCushion system allows comfortable and safe positioning including side-lying and face down, with the ability to adjust for every person to be properly supported through all stages of pregnancy.  

Sometimes in high-risk pregnancies a doctor’s or midwife’s written approval is necessary but that does not mean you are not able to receive massage therapy in most situations. Even those on strict bed rest can benefit from massage.

Postpartum Massage

Your postpartum period is a complex time in which new parents' needs are rarely the priority. This is a time of rapid transition in the body, both emotionally, hormonally, and physically.

Postpartum massage has shown to be effective for quicker recovery and better overall postpartum health.

Benefits include:

  • Relaxation and stress reduction

  • Reduce swelling

  • Pain relief

  • Hormone regulation

  • & More effective sleep

A well-deserved treatment for a body that has served you well and worked so hard.

All types of birth can benefit from early postpartum massage.

-Postpartum massage can be received as early as 24 hours post-birth

Labor Encouraging

Babies come when babies come! Sometimes, for whatever reason, you ( and /or your provider) may want to encourage things along.  This session is a full body prenatal massage with acupressure and essential oils to help prep the body for labor in hopes to stimulate the release of hormones to kick start labor. While also providing a chance to destress and connect with the baby through a brief visualization. Positional exercises may also be utilized to encourage the best position for the baby in the pelvis. 

- Sessions are 1 1/2 hours to 1hr 45mins- $140

- Can be done as early as 36/37 weeks, best results after 39 weeks.

- Prior to the session you will receive a call to discuss.-

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