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Postpartum Support

What Does a Postpartum Doula DO?

Many new parents don’t realize that the first few months in the postpartum period can be even tougher than childbirth itself. These are the times that families need the most support.
A postpartum doula is not just for first time parents either. Those with other children at home often need even MORE support to get the rest they so desperately deserve.

Having help in the first few months after having a baby can get you off to a great start in your parenting journey.

Mom and Baby cuddling
Postpartum Support: Services
Blonde mom holding baby in hospital bed

Support Looks Different for Everyone

My main goal is to help build your confidence and support your emotional needs while facilitating bonding within the household. I am there to help everyone adjust to a new baby and life outside the womb, start parenthood off strong, and heal after birth- physically and emotionally. This support, similar to my role as a birth doula is about connection.

Support may include....

-Newborn care 
-Typical Newborn behavior education and soothing techniques
-Parent care and soothing, too!
-Household tasks, light cleaning, laundry, meal preparation 
-Education on infant sleep expectations
-Support with sibling adjustment
-Help with the emotional and physical recovery after birth
-Extended Community Support
-Referrals to local resources such as parenting classes, pediatricians, lactation support and support groups
-Facilitate partner communication

And so much more

Postpartum Support: Services


Daytime Hours

9:30am-3pm $32/hr

Dedicated to helping you feel empowered and confident in your abilities by the end of our time together. We'll go over any concerns you have, nap as needed, go over postpartum healing practices, and whatever you and your family needs to adjust to parenthood.
-Minimum 1 3hr shift per week

Over Night Hours

10pm- 6am $36/hr

Some babies just have a hard time sleeping for whatever reason they have. I'll be your extra set of hands so you can have a solid night's sleep. We'll discuss at what point you would like to be woken up ( if at all!) Sleep soundly knowing your baby is well taken care of and you get the much-needed bonding time with your partner while you rest.
-Minimum 1 8 hr shift per week

-Families in contract receive priority booking.
- Available via text for questions the week of your support shift during business hours 8 am-8 pm
-Are you on CT Husky Insurance or receiving SNAP? Please ask to fill out the Discount Qualification Form for assistance. 
-Kaitlin is currently a nursing Mom, any visit longer than 4 hours requires the opportunity to pump.

Postpartum Support: Price List
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